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The Camping Trip is looking for dedicated, responsible, and fun people to join the volunteer team. If you would like to join the team, please read the following and fill out the application form.

Terms and Conditions of The Shabbat Nachamu Camping Trip and Volunteer Agreement:

The Shabbat Nachamu Camping Trip agrees to the following understanding with volunteers:

  • Volunteers will have access to the Festival site for the weekend. (VIP & Artist-only areas excluded)

  • Volunteers will have access to meals (dinner Thursday, lunch & dinner Friday, lunch & dinner Saturday & brunch Sunday) at no charge.

  • Volunteers will have access to annual Volunteer Appreciation events at no charge.

  • Volunteers will receive respectful treatment at all times.

  • Volunteers will receive proper training and support to ensure a safe and secure experience. We will have a team meeting and orientation Thursday afternoon prior to the event.

  • Upon completion of 12 hours of volunteer work, including fulfilling all designated volunteer shifts, The Camping Trip will reimburse the volunteer $100. Details of transaction will be included in the follow-up email volunteers will receive from the Volunteer Coordinator upon submission of application.

  • The Camping Trip does not take any legal or medical responsibility for the actions of any volunteer. Please be safe.

  • In the event that a volunteer becomes injured or sick while working at the festival, the volunteer is responsible for obtaining and paying for, all necessary medical or other necessary treatment.

The Volunteer agrees to the following understanding with:

All Volunteers will submit a fully completed Volunteer Application Form, with accurate information.

Volunteers will pay a $10 non-refundable Festival Fee on acceptance of application. This fee helps the Festival maintain a strong Volunteer Community and supports Volunteer services including T-shirts, meals, appreciation events, and support services.

Volunteers must purchase a $100 REFUNDABLE ticket. This is to ensure that the volunteers meet expectations for their required hours. If the volunteer fulfills his obligation, the $100 will be returned within a week of the festival. The Volunteer Coordinator will reach out to you regarding making the $110 payment. Again, the $100 will be refunded to you within a week of the festival after meeting the required tasks.

Volunteers will provide the Festival with emergency contact information and inform the Festival of any known medical conditions that are relevant to the safety and emergency care of said volunteer. (ie: severe allergies, physical limitations, required additional accommodations for any health issue)

All Volunteers will attend general Festival & committee meetings as directed. We will have orientation and a team meeting on Thursday, August 3rd. Please make sure you can arrive on Thursday.

All Volunteers will complete 12 volunteer hours throughout the weekend. If you would like to come up a few days early and get your hours out of the way so you can relax and enjoy the weekend you must work 30 hours (Pre or Post festival).

In addition to being assigned to 12 hours of festival work, all Volunteers are expected to attend a pre-Festival orientation Thursday, August  3, 2017 at 8pm at the festival location site.

Any volunteer assigned to a shift over Shabbat will only be asked to perform tasks that are within accordance with the laws of Shabbat.

All Volunteers will complete their Festival volunteer assignment in a satisfactory way (showing up on time for shifts, staying required duration, wearing volunteer T-shirt while on shift, respectful treatment of other volunteers, staff, performers, and guests of the Festival.)

All Volunteers will abide by the policies of The Shabbat Nachamu Camping Trip, including, but not limited to, zero tolerance of violence, harassment, non-medical drug use, and the consumption of alcohol while on shift.

In the event that a volunteer does not show up to their required shift(s), leaves their shift early without notifying the Volunteer Coordinator, or causes any disturbance to the event or any person or property of the festival site, The Camping Trip will take any necessary action, and the volunteer may not be refunded in full.

Volunteers are expected to report to the Volunteer Coordinator (or their supervisor) immediately, if they become unavailable to attend their shift, or, if they must leave their shift early.

If a volunteer is sick, or becomes sick during their shift, they are not permitted to attend to any food-related duties. Additionally, a volunteer may be asked not to attend any shift, if deemed necessary by on-site medical personnel. In the event that a volunteer becomes sick before or during their shift, they must report to their supervisor immediately, and the Volunteer Coordinator will work out a way for the volunteer to make up their hours or determine appropriate action.


Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age and show proof of ID.
Any volunteer asked to drive a vehicle, must have a clean driving record, valid license, and appropriate class of drivers license. Some volunteer areas may require specialized abilities and/or training.

By continuing with the application you agree to have read and accept the Terms and Conditions outlined above.


Volunteer Application Form

• Deadline for Submission is July 30th, 2017, or whenever all positions are filled. 
• Please submit only one volunteer form per person. 
• Please read all the available information before submitting a volunteer application form. 
• Please ensure you are available for The Festival Days: August 3 through August 6, 2017

(Legal) Name *
(Legal) Name
Badge Name
Badge Name
If different than legal name, what you would like to be called.
Mailing Address
Mailing Address
Primary Phone *
Primary Phone
Date of birth *
Date of birth
This is the place where you can tell us if you were recruited by a Committee Leader for a specific placement, or you couldn't find or remember the name of the committee that someone told you to request, etc. What you note in this section can help us determine if you have the necessary skills for the committee preferences you have noted, if needed. This is also the perfect place to note any other volunteer work you do/have done. The more detailed information you include the more likely you are to be placed. Are you artistic, a good builder, food service, etc
Do you have a valid Driver's License?
Do you hold First Aid Certification?
Week-of-Festival daytime availability:
Please select a tshirt size.
We ask that you wear your festival tshirt while on your designated shift.
Please let us know if you need any refrigerator space for dietary needs or for medication.
Emergency Contact Name *
Emergency Contact Name
Emergency Contact Number *
Emergency Contact Number

Volunteer Registration Fee

Once the form is submitted, you will receive an email response from the Volunteer Coordinator, with information regarding how to make your $10 payment, the $100 refundable ticket, and the next steps in the volunteer process.

Collection of this $10 fee supports the many services which are provided to volunteers, including: 
- Full festival access
- Festival programs
- T-shirt
- Meals
- Snacks and beverages
- On-site services
- Support and volunteer appreciation events

Options for payment will be provided by the Volunteer Manager. 

Thank you for your interest in volunteering! Upon approval you will receive a link to pay the $10 volunteer free and the $100 refundable volunteer fee.

All questions/inquiries should be e-mailed to

For sponsorship opportunities- please inquire at

For questions regarding volunteer opportunities- please inquire at