Frequently Asked Questions


Where is The Camping Trip?

The Camping Trip takes place in New York. Approximately 2 and 1/2 hours drive from NYC.

When is The Camping Trip?



Is The Camping Trip rain or shine?

Yes. The Camping Trip will provide huge party tent accommodations in the event of rain so that guests can stay comfortable, warm, and dry if there is a downpour while still enjoying the music. The show must go on!

What about food?

Food passes must be purchased separately. Each pass includes Glatt-kosher, catered Friday night dinner, Shabbat lunch, and Seudat Shlishit.

Will single day tickets be sold?

No. The Camping Trip is a weekend long experience. Tickets must be purchased in advance of event.

What does The Camping Pass get me?

The Camping Pass allows the pass-holder admission for Shabbat to camp and experience the music for the weekend of July 27th-29th, 2018.

What does the 4-Person Package get me?


This package is valid for the admission of 4 people to experience The Camping Trip as well as the admission of 1 vehicle to the on-site parking lot for the weekend of July 27th-29th, 2018. All 4 people must enter the premises together in the same vehicle.

What does the Family Package get me?


The Camping Trip welcomes families to join us for the weekend of July 27-29th, 2018. There will be a private, family camping area for those who wish to bring their children to partake in the weekend's festivities. Children under 12 are free. Children 12-17 must have a Camping Pass purchased for them in order to attend. This package includes 4 General Admission tickets, a family pass for the family camping area, preferred parking, and an eight person tent set up for you upon arrival. If you are bringing children under the age of 18, you MUST purchase this package and camp in the family camping area or you will not be admitted to the event.


Is there transportation from NYC?


Additional transportation TBA.

Emergencies/First Aid?

There will be a medical tent with EMT's available all weekend long and a local ambulance on stand by in the event of a medical emergency.


There will be a team of NYS licensed, professional security guards on-site at the venue/camping area and the off-site Priority Parking lot all weekend long. Security will be checking guests as they enter the venue to ensure that no illegal items are brought into the venue. Violence, weapons, illegal drugs/narcotics, and other illicit or inappropriate behavior are completely prohibited and will result in the expulsion of violators from the event as well as an arrest if necessary. If you cannot come and act in a civilized, responsible manner, then you DO NOT belong at this event.

Are there bathrooms?

There are ample men and ladies portapotties to service the entire weekend that will be cleaned during the weekend as well.

Are there showers?

There are hot showers available.

Is there water?

Yes. There will be a water refill station available for refilling your bottles.

Is there re-entry?

No. There is no re-entry for guests or vehicles.

When will we get our wristbands?

Your wristbands will be handed to you upon arrival to the event, after presentation of your printed/mobile ticket and valid ID. Multiple ticket purchasers should e-mail or print and deliver tickets bought for another person to that person before arrival to the event. Each person must have one of the various admission Passes on arrival.

What is NOT allowed at The Camping Trip?

Laser Pointers, Knives, Weapons, Chains, Glass bottles (except for 1 wine bottle per person over 21 years of age), Illegal Substances, Fireworks, Nitrous Oxide, Violence, Sexual/ Physical Harassment. Unauthorized photography, video, or audio recording of any kind is strictly forbidden. Any unauthorized capture or distribution of photography, video, or audio from the event is subject to full prosecution of the law. Guests may not exit the area encompassed within the Eiruv (4'-8' foot high string that surrounds the land). Guests will be asked to leave the event if they are found outside the grounds covered within the string. All guests are subject to search by security and anyone found with one or more of the aforementioned items will NOT be allowed to stay at the festival. Alcohol use by minors is strictly prohibited. There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy, you will be kicked out and the authorities may become involved. The non-existent Security Team has strict instructions to follow the zero tolerance policy for the weekend of July 27th - 29th, 2018. Guests may only park in designated parking areas, any guest found to park outside of a designated parking area will have their vehicle towed and will have to pay a fine. Any person that attempts unauthorized entry to the land by person or vehicle will be removed from the premises, banned from the event, and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Anyone that does not comply with security will become involved with law enforcement. No uninvited guests will be allowed to attend the event. If you have not been invited to the event via a friend of the host or private Facebook event page but you have purchased a ticket, your money will be refunded and we ask that you do not come to the event.

What is the deal with Shabbat?

As seen elsewhere on the site, there are Shabbat accommodations available. The Camping Trip provides guests with the opportunity to feel comfortable keeping Shabbat while camping. This is not an exclusively Jewish event, however everyone is asked to observe Shabbat and Kashrut (Kosher) publicly. There are no scheduled musical performances or sound checks permitted on Shabbat. There is a halachically sound Eiruv on the property, as well as Glatt-kosher Shabbat catering included with every ticket. There will be scheduled davening times and there is a sefer Torah available for leining on Shabbat day.